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Seniors Stay Social with Capital City

When you’re 65, hopping on a plane and traveling to a wedding or to meet a new addition to the family is a fairly simple affair. As you age, however, traveling can become an arduous task unless you have help.

According to the Census Bureau, 28% of seniors over the age of 65 live alone, and that number rises every year. Living alone can often lead to feelings of isolation which has been linked to the development of both depression and dementia in seniors. It’s important to make sure aging loved ones don’t become stuck at home, and are given opportunities to socialize weekly.

At Capital City Nurses, we believe that nothing should slow seniors down. Our highly trained caregivers can visit seniors on a daily basis or several times a week. We provide a wide range of services for seniors. Our staff can help seniors bathe and dress, prepare nutritious meals, offer companionship and conversation, organize and maintain a medication schedule, go with their seniors to appointments, perform light housekeeping, and more.

But our services don’t stop at the homestead. If a senior has travel plans, like a wedding, college graduation, or christening, Capital City’s nurses can be there to help. Service providers can accompany seniors on trains, planes and automobiles. Our experienced staff will ensure that their charge is safe, healthy, and happy. We even had a client plan a trip to Israel with a service provider.

Whether you’re starting to feel lonely at home or worry about an aging loved one, having a caregiver stop by the house is more than just a medical visit. We provide support, medical care, socialization and a sense of security to all those in our charge. Let Capital City help you keep seniors social and safe as they age.

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April 17, 2015
Capital City Nurses