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Senior Living And The Need For Companionship

People are social animals. Wegenerally enjoy being around others. While some may eschew large crowds or prefer to be with close friends, by and large, people like to be connect with others. Socializing is part of the equation that helps seniors live longer happier lives. At Capital City Nurses provide senior companion services.

Seniors and Socializing

People need to talk to others. They need to socialize on a regular basis. The need for companionship can be expressed in many ways. It can involve a group event such as a coffee or book club. It can mean getting together with family and friends for a simple pot luck dinner or meeting at a small café or fast food restaurant. It can also mean sitting down one-to-one and simply talking.

Socializing is all about interaction between at least two individuals. In some instances, when the senior has limited mobility or simply feels like staying at home, Capital City Nurses can provide senior companion services by visiting them in their place of residence. This can be their home, assisted living facility or even hospital.

Positive Effects of Socializing

Research has provided evidence on the benefits of socialization and companionship for the elderly. By having access to senior companion services, the senior can reap many of the potential benefits that are derived from such social interaction including preventing or alleviating the following:

  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Memory Loss
  • Health problems – real and potential
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Longevity – may actually improve it

By ensuring a senior is not cut off from human companionship, senior companion services are able to help them live in a more positive existence. Having a regular visitor from an agency such as Capital City Nurses, provides seniors with a purpose – something to look forward to on those days when they feel down and alone in the world. Our “Daughter Down the Street” and “Son’s Stopping By” enjoy this aspect of their jobs, because they have the opportunity to dedicate their attention to someone that appreciates their visit and they get as much out of their interaction as the clients do. Their role as senior companion services providers lets them employ far more than just their time it lets them bring comfort and pleasure to another human being.

Senior Companion Services

Companionship can play a key role in maintaining or even improving a senior’s quality of life. Whether he or she wishes to visit friends or simply needs to talk, our senior companion services can help. We are there for them. At Capital City Nurses, we always strive to make sure our services address all the needs of our clients – physical, mental emotional and social, including senior companion services.

Posted on
May 18, 2015
Capital City Nurses