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Senior Doesn’t Mean Sedentary

How old is Big Bird? According to Sesame Street, the big yellow bird is around six years old. While Big Bird might be the biggest kid on Sesame Street, the man behind the bird is the oldest. Caroll Spinney, who has been performing as Big Bird since 1969, is 81 years old.

In the documentary I Am Big Bird, Spinney speaks on his 45 years playing one of the most iconic children’s characters of all time. He’s thrilled to have spent his life bringing joy and education to children and has no plans on slowing down, even though he’s well beyond the normal age of retirement.

“Michelangelo continued painting until he was nearly 89, and that was in the 1500s,” says Spinney. “I hope to be an artist that lives a long time.”

Spinny isn’t the only senior who finds joy in their work, Iris Apfel, is a model, fashion designer and minor icon in the style industry. She’s also 93 years old. The subject of the new documentary, Iris, she just finished a photo campaign for Kate Spade and has plans to release a new line of accessories.

What can we learn from the lives of Apfel and Spinney? Having a purpose is a great way to age successfully. This doesn’t mean you should sign up for America’s Next Top Model or try to don a yellow bird suit, but having an activity you love can make your golden years shine.

Retirement is a wonderful thing, but just because you’re no longer working doesn’t mean your brain shouldn’t be. Studies have found that the more active seniors keel their minds, the happier they are as they age. If you need assistance keeping yourself active, Capital City Nurses is here to help. Our Daughter Down the Street service offers seniors the chance to get out or stay in with company. We can take you to classes, help you run errands and just sit and chat. If you’d like some help living your senior years to the fullest, let Capital City Nurses help.

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May 13, 2015
Capital City Nurses