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Senior Care Services: Daily, Weekly or 24/7

Being a caregiver is a very difficult job, emotionally and physically. At times you may find yourself experiencing burnout. This is a real condition that affects many of us that provide the daily care for an aging parent or loved one. Capital City Nurses is a home care provider that recognizes the challenges caregivers face each day. 39 years of experience has shown us that our service not only helps our actual clients, but their spouses, daughters, sons or daughters in law as well. Caregivers that have sacrificed for months or even years benefit almost as much as our clients Trusting your loved one to Capital City Nurses’ care offers time to recharge and be family again.

Types of Senior Care Services

Capital City Nurses offers flexibility. There is no one size fits all program for home care, so we work with families to provide the care they need. Our care can be around the clock, seven days a week, weekdays while a spouse goes to work or runs errands, or 90 minute visits 2-3 times per week. There are situations that are unique that we are happy to accommodate, such as:

  • Temporary care following a long hospital stay
  • Overnight care allowing family to rest peacefully
  • If the regular caregiver needs a respite
  • If the family and/or caregiver, is going on a vacation or taking care of another matter that requires an extended period away
  • Companionship visits

Capital City Nurses is able to tailor our care to meet almost any needs of our clients. “When the need is there, so are we.”

What Advantages Good Senior Care Services Offer

When it comes down to selecting the right type of senior care services agency, it must reflect the following characteristics found at our agency, including:

  • Flexibility: At Capital City Nurses, we afford our clients flexibility. There are no contracts to sign and care can be put on hold with a phone call just 24 hours in advance. When you are ready to resume care, simply call your dedicated Care Coordinator to start care again. We will do everything we can to accommodate our clients’ schedules and maintain the quality of care our clients expect.
  • Personal Care: As trained professionals we have the ability provide both skilled medical care and proper personal care as part of our senior care services. From helping manage medications to taking a client to the library, we are trained in all facets of private duty senior care. Capital City Nurses always delivers our private duty services with care, respecting our clients’ individuality while helping with issues related to their health, mobility, and emotional status.

At Capital City Nurses, our staff focuses on the specific needs and requirements of each individual client and their families. Whether the request is for a few hours of respite care or 24-hour care, we are there to ensure that our client is cared for with dignity and compassion.

Posted on
June 25, 2015
Capital City Nurses