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See the World with Seniors

Travel isn’t for the young. You don’t need to be in your 20s to discover the world. As we age, learning new things and exploring new places can actually help our brains stay vital.

Unfortunately, there’s a stigma surrounding traveling with seniors.

Many people caring for seniors feel that travel isn’t an option, not considering the option of traveling with their aging loved one or partner. With a little bit of planning, seniors can experience new and wonderful corners of the world together, with their caregivers.

There are three essential steps to traveling with a senior:

  1. Know Limitations. Does your grandmother run marathons or barely get off the couch? Every senior can travel, but knowing the kind of vacation to prepare for is essential. Choose destinations that won’t over exert older travelers beyond their physical limitations, and offer places along the way to sit and relax. If you’re planning a trip that involves strenuous activities or lots of walking, it is best to have any senior travelers get a full health check beforehand.
  2. Plan. Traveling with seniors requires a bit of extra planning. Make sure that medications and essential items are available, even while on the road. Most airlines, trains, and bus companies will work with customers to safely store and provide access to temperature-sensitive medications. If your senior has a mobility issue, like a walker or wheelchair, plan for extra time in security lines, and do your homework regarding the accessibility of any hotels and venues you will be visiting.
  3. Research. Some destinations are naturally senior-friendly. Take a look through a list of destinations that cater to older visitors with your loved one, and choose a trip that you can both enjoy. Also be sure to look for senior discounts that can help make travel easier on your wallet as well.

Whether you want to explore great landmarks, visit museums, or take in some shows, traveling doesn’t have to be an adventure limited to the young.. There is no limit to the possibilities for you or your loved ones as they age, with a little planning; enjoy the chance to explore the world.

Posted on
February 16, 2016
Capital City Nurses