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Providing Care, Short and Sweet

Nursing care isn’t what it used to be. Seniors tend to think of caregiving as a service for those who can no longer live on their own. Some seniors are resistant to the concept of home care because they feel it is an admission of helplessness.

“This generation of seniors, they’ve been through everything – the Great Depression, World War II – and they’ve done everything for themselves,” explains Capital City Nurse’s Shaun Toomey. “And there’s still that fierce independence.”

While it’s true nurses are the best source for medical aid and intervention; modern caregiver companies are moving away from the idea that seniors are unable to care for themselves. Companies like Capital City Nurses are focusing on the idea of empowering the seniors they serve.

With their new “Short and Sweet” program, Capital City Nurses works to build trust with their senior clients and show them how caregivers can help them lead independent lives. Short and Sweet visits are 90 minutes, and consist of caregivers helping seniors with meal prep, laundry or another household chore. The idea being that seniors will come to see that caregiving is actually an asset to them. Capital City has found success with the formula, which shows seniors that caregiving isn’t an admission that they are failing, but a boon to their daily productivity.

Seniors who want to feel more active and social can also depend on Capital City Nurses for companionship. Capital City’s Daughter Down the Street and Sons Stopping By programs offer seniors a companion who can help them run household errands, sit down for a chat or play a round of golf. The service is all about keeping seniors mentally and physically active while enabling them to enjoy their independence.

If a senior in your life needs a bit of help with day-to-day household chores, but is resistant to asking for assistance, consider a Short and Sweet visit from Capital City. We can help your senior live a fuller life without making them feel compromised.

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May 22, 2015
Capital City Nurses