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Live Well at Curry Manor -June 13, 2014

There is an unfair stigma associated with moving to an assisted living facility. Many see the facilities as tantamount to a nursing home, but modern assisted living is so much more than nursing care and accessible rooms.
As you age, living alone can actually affect your health. A recent study by the National Institute on Aging tested cognitive training as a way to help retain memory and mental abilities in aging Americans. The Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) study found that community dwelling seniors had more success with the cognitive training.
At Capital City Nurses, we believe that refined residential living fuses health care with luxury. Our new Bethesda property, the Cottage at Curry Manor, combines the indulgence of a hotel with exemplary health care service.
At Curry Manor, we know that it’s vital to keep our residents as active as possible. The National Institute on Aging has found that exercise and mental stimulations (such as learning a new language) are vital ways of keeping yourself healthy and staving off diseases that commonly effect older people. Curry Manor provides a full slate of activities that will help you stay active, both mentally and physically.
To keep you mentally active, Curry Manor helps you spice up your kitchen routine with seasonal cooking classes taught by renowned local chefs. You can also try your hand at viniculture at wine-making events held throughout the year.
Most importantly, we strive to keep you learning. Take classes with us to broaden your horizons or tell your story at memoir writing classes.
To keep you physically active, we boast an excellent art and theater program, offering musical, dance and drama activities that will allow you to step into the spotlight. You can also green your thumb by helping us tend our flower, herb and vegetable gardens.
Curry Manor is, in essence, a five star hotel that happens to boast the best nursing staff in the Washington Metropolitan Area (we even offer turndown chocolates!). Though we’re focused on keeping you active mentally and physically, we also staff Curry Manor with handpicked caregivers, each of whom has exceeded Capital City Nurses’ rigorous standards. Curry Manor has one of the highest caregiver to resident ratios in the area, meaning that we are able to focus on you and offer you attentive service throughout your stay.
Whether you’re interested in moving into a community of fine living and fun or want to know that your loved one will receive superlative care as they age, The Cottage at Curry Manor is the best choice for refined residential living. Visit us today or take the virtual tour to learn more.

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August 19, 2014
Capital City Nurses