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Live Long and Prosper

Do you think you’ll live a long time? Would you bet on it?

At an anti-aging conference in Russia, Deep Knowledge Ventures’ senior partner Dmitry Kaminskiy and Insilico Medicine Inc. CEO’s Alex Zhavoronkoy PhD decided to bet money on the subject of aging. Each man runs a science-based company which hopes to reverse aging and increase longevity. To prove once and for all that their methods are best, Kaminskiy and Zhavoronkoy bet on who would live the longest – the loser (or, rather, their estate) forfeits a million dollars in stock or cash.

At Capital City Nurses, we know that living a long life is wonderful, but aging successfully is better. In fact, the field of gerontology has recently shifted from focusing on extending life to improving life among seniors. What does this mean for you as you age? It means focusing on the quality of your life rather than the number of years you’ve accrued.

One of the best ways to stay healthy as you age is to stay active. Exercise and physical activities like gardening are wonderful ways to age successfully. The National Institute on Aging reports “regular exercise and physical activity can reduce the risk of developing some diseases and disabilities that develop as people grow older. In some cases, exercise is an effective treatment for many chronic conditions. For example, studies show that people with arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes benefit from regular exercise. Exercise also helps people with high blood pressure, balance problems, or difficulty walking.” Some studies have even found that increased physical activity has helped seniors retain their cognitive abilities.

Another important way to age successfully is through intellectual stimulation. Read a book, solve a puzzle, or hold a conversation to help keep your mind sharp. By challenging your brain, you reinforce the neurons that help you recall and retrieve knowledge.

The most important thing to know about aging successfully is that you can start at any time. Whether you’re 15 or 75, it’s never too late to make changes that will improve your life. Instead of focusing on the number of years you live, or betting millions of dollars on an arbitrary lifespan goal, focus on making your time as successful as possible.

Posted on
February 25, 2015
Capital City Nurses