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Home Care for Every Situation

When you think of home care – what comes to mind? For most people, they think of in-home nursing care for aging seniors who have physical therapy, or skilled nursing needs. This type of care is actually home health and is covered by Medicare for most seniors. Although this care is common and necessary, it is not the entire industry. There are many situations that call for care in the home. Helping seniors with their activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, toileting, feeding and ambulating) and their instrumental activities of daily living (meal preparation, medication reminders, driving to appointments), bringing home a newborn is a reason for home care to allow new parents to get much needed rest, Post –Op care often requires the help of a skilled nurse to ensure a client’s safety and help with medical equipment such as drains or wound care. There are a variety of situations for which home care can be applicable.

Not Just Medical

When an individual is in need of home care, ambulating can become a challenge. Many seniors risk falling due to a shuffling gait or low vision or balance issues. While this may be a temporary situation, it is stressful on a senior that may scared of falling or feel that they are burdening their family. The caregivers who provide in-home care are able to assist with tasks around the house like cooking, light cleaning, errand running and more. By providing this helping hand during a time of need, clients can rest assured that they won’t miss a beat.

Your Focus

Home care truly allows clients to focus on what’s important. While this differs with each individual, the outcome is frequently the same. When care is no longer needed, clients are left with no regrets. Knowing they were able to fully focus on their newborn, their recuperation, or themselves, leaves them with an understanding of the benefits of home care.

For Seniors

Even though home care can apply to unique situations that aren’t considered traditional, it’s still an extremely popular option for aging seniors in need of attention at home. With various care options available it’s easy to personalize the level of care to meet your loved one’s unique needs. Why be uncertain about your loved one’s well-being when reliable and professional care services are available and more convenient than ever?

Capital City Nurses provides a range of personalized in-home care services for a variety of situations. Visit their website at https://sales3.org/pb-dev/ccn to learn more about the options that may be right for you or your loved one.

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April 16, 2015
Capital City Nurses