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What’s the difference between normal aging and a warning sign? Could you make the distinction?

Aging is a process that can bring on many changes for seniors. Some may find living at home a challenge. Some may thrive in their golden years. But can you tell the difference between a deteriorating home environment and typically messy living room?

At Capital City Nurses, we can help you evaluate and aid your loved ones as they age. Our Care Assessment can help you and your loved one determine how they’re adapting to the home environment. Our hand-picked staff is trained to assess home life for seniors and develop a personalized plan that caters to their exact care needs. We can work with families and doctors to make sure all needs are being met.

Do you have a loved one that recently had surgery? Or Post-Operative Care service is a great way to get seniors on the road to recovery in their homes. We will minimize the stress of recovery by allowing you to recuperate in a familiar environment. Our nurses will change bandages, help with physical therapy, and cook healthy meals.

Our Medication Management service can help independent seniors continue to enjoy their freedom. Our nurses can coordinate prescriptions, organize pills, manage doses and create a medication schedule for seniors.

Our Daughter Down the Street program lets seniors socialize and offers a bit more care for those that need it. Our staff can take seniors out for activities, do light cooking and housekeeping, and just sit and chat. This is a great service for seniors that need an unobtrusive hand to help them live independently successfully.

If you have a loved one that needs long-term care, Capital City can offer you expertly trained nursing staff that can provide full or part time care.

Whether you’re wondering if a loved one needs a little extra help, or you’re looking for a care solution for a senior, Capital City Nurses can work with you to evaluate and enhance the home environment of your loved ones.

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August 12, 2015
Capital City Nurses