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Food Safety Concerns for Seniors

As a home care company in Chevy Chase, MD, many of Capital City Nurses’ home care clients have allergies, swallowing issues or dietary limitations. Their clients’ ability to eat properly requires attention to detail and it is their job to ensure that they are aware of these specific needs. Each client serviced by Capital City Nurses receives a detailed assessment, performed by one of their experienced home care Registered Nurses. The Plan of Care created from this assessment informs caregivers and staff to the individual needs of their clients’ related to food and eating. Shopping and preparing food so that meals are cooked according to the clients’ needs and tastes is all part of the service. Cleanliness and food safety are paramount. Elderly adults or those suffering from some diseases are at higher risk for sickness and even hospitalization from foodborne illnesses.

The risk of foodborne illness in older adults increases because the organs in our bodies go through various changes. The stomach loses the ability to create enough acid, which would normally help lower the amount of bacteria in our intestinal tract. This increases the chance of bacterial growth. The stomach also tends to hold onto food for a longer period of time, which allows bacteria grow. The kidneys and liver typically help to expel foreign toxins from our body but with age this sometimes stops happening. Those suffering from chronic conditions are also at a higher risk.

Food Safety Precautions

It is important to have a home care company that understands the risk of food safety to their clients. Training, such as that offered through the Capital City Nurses Caregiver Academy keeps their caregivers stay informed and alert to the issue of food safety and best practices for prevention of food borne illness. Your home care nurse will do everything they can to be cautious while handling food in a client’s home. Capital City Nurses stresses education as a way to improve the level of their services. Below are 4 easy steps to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

  1. Being clean includes washing your hands frequently and keeping all services and prep areas clean.
  2. Always separate poultry and raw meats from foods that are ready to eat. Always be diligent in cleaning up after preparing these meats.
  3. Make sure all foods are prepared and cooked at the right temperature.
  4. Raw poultry and meat should be chilled if not being used right away. You should always refrigerate any cooked leftovers within two hours.

Stay safe and follow these basic rules to keep foodborne illnesses out of the home.

Posted on
July 8, 2018