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Exceptional Skilled Nursing Services in Maryland

When most people think of skilled nursing services, they often think of skilled nursing facilities, but there are those times skilled nursing services are needed in the home. These companies may be able to help you when you need them. How you might ask?

Post-op Care – If you’ve ever had surgery, you know that this is a time when extra help is needed. A skilled nurse can reduce post-op stress. Think of how at-ease you would feel if you didn’t have to worry about how you were going to take care of your basic needs. Stress is a major factor in hospital readmission. Reduce your risk by reducing your stress. A skilled nurse can help with bathing, wound care, and medication reminders. These wonderful helpers will also spend time chatting with you while you recover or do post-operative rehabilitation exercises. This friendly care will create a relaxing environment, contributing to stress reduction and the release of happy, healing hormones.

Care of Newborns and Their Mothers – Having a baby is a wonderful, joyous miracle. It’s also exhausting. Pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on you physically, as does bringing a new child home. It doesn’t matter if this is your first child or your sixth; a new baby is a lot of work, and getting help from a skilled nurse can be a lifesaver. Not getting sufficient rest can wreak havoc on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. A nurse help care for your child so that you can get much needed rest to heal from labor. These skilled helpers not only care for your new baby, they can help out around the house when needed. They know what you are going through and know what to do that can help and benefit you in the best way possible.

Special Needs Children – You love your child and are ready to do anything for them, especially if they have special needs or illness to contend with. As the parent, you are also the main provider for your child, which means that you can’t spend as much time with your child as you might like. You have to work to take care of them. Skilled nursing services are a great extension of the care you would personally give your child if you could be with them all day, every day.

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October 24, 2014
Capital City Nurses