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Ensuring Environmental Safety for Seniors

As more seniors and families are choosing to age in place, it is imperative to understand the options to stay healthy and safe at home. Having the “Gold Standard” home care company to help do the things that are needed to protect your loved one, allowing them to continue living life in the comfort of their home and giving families the peace of mind they need.


Housekeeping is a key factor in providing a safe and stable living environment. Maintaining a clutter-free and clean home is essential for those that are at risk of falling or those with balance issues. A majority of seniors feel better and have a happier disposition when living in a clean environment. It helps to prevent allergies or infection due to mold or dust. Housekeeping should include kitchens and bathrooms also their bedding.

Flooring and Safe Surfaces

Since many seniors are at risk of falling it is logical to keep all flooring areas clutter and trip free. Things such as small area rugs, slippery surfaces and bulky furniture should be removed from their living areas. A fall for someone who is frail can cause major issues such as broken bones, head injuries and can even be fatal. Other potential hazards include electric devices or anything that uses a cord which can be tripped over. All electronic devices that use a cord ought to be moved out of the way so that your loved one has an unobstructed path to walk through their home. Bathroom or shower areas should be slip free including the tub. Placing grab bars in the bathrooms and showers and railings throughout the home allows the individual to hold onto them as needed for standing up or sitting.

Preparation for an Emergency

Make sure the home is properly secure with fire alarms and smoke detectors. Capital City Nurses ensures that your loved one is protected. In the case of a fire or other emergency, having a trusted caregiver on the scene will help as they will be able to determine what is happening and what to do. Remote monitoring services are great as well. It is important that the senior call for help which can usually be done with a medical alert bracelet/necklace or even on their phone. The key is that they MUST wear it!

Environmental safety is important to the Capital City Nurses. Ensuring that everything is in place to prevent health decline or injury is just a small part of our experienced team’s job. Call Capital City Nurses to find out why they are the smart choice for home care.

Posted on
August 15, 2018