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Creative Ideas for Older Adults with Dementia

There are many good reasons to plan creative activities for a person with dementia. Sometimes it can be easy to fall into a routine and plan the same things over and over again. Whether you are taking care of the person at home or if they’re in an assisted living community, they can benefit from creative activities.

Take an Interest

In order to get the most out of an activity, it is important to observe the person closely. Observing them will help you figure out things that they like and things that they dislike. Observe the person’s response to different types of activities. When you can cater an activity around the person’s interests, it makes it that much more interesting for them. You can try asking them about their life story. Find out where they came from and if they had any interesting life experiences that they would be willing to share with you. Ask what they are passionate about or about any hobbies, they like to do. If you are not able to get this information from the person directly, reach out to someone who knows him or her well like a family member or close friend. Once you figure out activities that they could possibly enjoy, start to plan them out. Here is a list of possible activities you can do.

The Musician

If you find that the person really enjoys music, this might be a good activity for them. It might give them an opportunity to use their gift. They may be able to sing a song in a choir or even play the piano. Another option would be to be a part of a sing-along. Music can be a lot of fun. If they enjoy listening to music and not necessarily performing it, you can make recordings of their favorite songs and play them.

The Caregiver

Oftentimes, people with dementia become more alert and interested when there is a baby or children in the room. Introducing a child is often successful and can get a response. If a person is spending the majority of their time alone in a facility or at home, they may not be getting enough socialization. They may be missing out on regular interaction with kids. Take them for a walk at the local park or bring them to a playground. Ask family members that have children to come by and visit more often, or if you have children, bring them by to visit.

The Athlete

If you find that you have a sports fanatic, there are a bunch of creative activities you can do with them. For example, you could take them out to play mini golf. If you have a gaming console, you could play bowling or soccer. You could also try playing corn hole or beanbag toss, or even go and watch a little league baseball game. Get creative and have a good time with it.

All of these different activities can be very meaningful for the right person and help keep them interested and active. There is much more to discuss regarding activities for older adults. The highly-trained providers at Capital City Nurses know and understand this. When you need people trained in best practices and who are dedicated to providing the kind of care they themselves would want for their own loved ones, call (866) 807-7307.

Posted on
November 8, 2016