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Consider Costs Before Construction

Aging-in-place has long been considered an ideal for many seniors. The idea of living in independence or semi-independence is alluring to a generation used to taking care of themselves. But aging-in-place is more than making your own meals and keeping yourself active.

In the case of most seniors, aging-in-place can mean expensive renovations so that their homes can compete with the aging process. A Demand Institute study showed that Baby Boomers are planning for expansion as they age, hoping to buy bigger homes after retirement. Chair lifts, walk-in tubs, fall protection systems and even ramps could be necessary for a senior to live comfortably at home. Even if a home has the latest technology, seniors who age at home tend to feel isolated, especially if they have lost a partner. Feelings of isolation can lead to depression, loss of social skills and, in some cases, cognitive impairment.

If maintaining or renovating a home isn’t financially feasible, it may be time to consider an alternative that offers seniors independence and an active community.

The Cottage at Curry Manor offers seniors refined residential living. Staffed by Capital City Nurses, the Cottage is an ideal spot that offers seniors enrichment for their minds, activities for their bodies and five-star accommodations that promote community and self-sufficiency.

We boast one of the largest staff to resident ratios in the country, meaning that seniors have an attentive group of experts monitoring their health and wellbeing. Our suites are ideal for active seniors and those who may need special care, The Cottage tailors their services to the needs of their residents.

Since The Cottage’s goal is to foster independence, our refined residential living is modeled off luxury hotels. The gated estate offers beautiful grounds, a gourmet kitchen, a spa, and plush suites with private bathrooms. Fresh flowers adorn the community areas, residents can try a new look at our salon, and afternoon tea is served with scrumptious treats. We even put a chocolate on every pillow at night.

Using expertise garnered through years of Capital City Nurses home healthcare, The Cottage has developed programs that help seniors age successfully. We boast extensive arts and education programs, focused on keeping seniors active in mind and body.

Our staff works with residents to keep them from feeling isolated and helps them build an intricate social community. Seniors can learn the latest technology, including email and Skype, so that they can stay connected to their families. Conversation areas and meetings with local community groups are an excellent way for seniors to keep their minds and social skills sharp.

Whether you have a loved one who’s aging, are weighing the costs of renovations to your home, or are planning for the future, visit The Cottage – or take a virtual tour here – to explore the benefits of aging in a place designed to allow seniors to live life to the fullest.

Posted on
June 19, 2015
Capital City Nurses