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Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Alzheimer’s and Dementia care is a specialized skill. These conditions require a deeper understanding of why certain behaviors manifest themselves and requires an experienced professional that knows techniques and strategies to help the dementia client lead their best life. This specialized care takes someone who is experienced and truly dedicated to what they do. Capital City Nurses provides professional care for those who are suffering from memory-related disorders. Our home care takes place wherever home is, it may be in their own home or in an assisted living or memory care setting. In these scenarios, Capital City Nurses’ professional caregivers are able to provide one-on-one, specialized attention that allows the patient to live with as much dignity and independence as possible.

At Home Care

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of taking your loved one out of their home, rest assured that you can still get them the care they need while allowing them to remain in comfortable surroundings. The nurses with Capital City Nurses who provide Alzheimer’s and Dementia care are available on a live-in basis or hourly basis. They can visit the home on a schedule that works for you and your loved ones’ unique needs. By providing assistance with medications, household chores, meal preparation and personal hygiene – you can have peace of mind about their quality of life while remaining at home.

Assisted Living or Memory Care facilities

If you’ve chosen the route of assisted living or memory care unit, you may be concerned that your loved one won’t receive the personalized care that they deserve. Often times Capital City Nurses will provide one-on-one nursing care in the assisted living or nursing home environment. Having this extra attention and someone that can help mom or dad navigate their surroundings, in addition to the facility staff helps make our clients’ lives better and their families feel confident that their parent always has a watchful eye on them. This supplemental service is ideal for clients requiring more care than the facility can offer, but who otherwise are thriving.

Personalized Care

Every Alzheimer’s or Dementia patient is unique. Having Capital City Nurses there standing behind gives our client families a wonderful feeling of confidence in their loved one’s care. expectations involved. When truly personalized care is available, why settle for anything less?

Posted on
June 29, 2021
Capital City Nurses