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Capital City Nurses – FAQs

How quickly can I find a caregiver?
Caregivers are available to begin work within 24 hours. In many situations, we can place a nurse within a few hours.

Can you send someone to check up on my parent? I want to make sure she’s okay.
Yes, we can go to your relative’s home, meet with them, and provide you with a care assessment. Depending on what we find, we can provide information and referrals to trusted eldercare experts in other fields such as law and medicine.

What is the minimum number of hours for a shift?
We have a menu of options, from 90 minutes twice a week to a one time four hour shift.

Do the caregivers drive?
Most do. Our caregivers that drive have safe driving records and are insured. If your loved one needs someone to drive him or her to doctor’s or other personal appointments, let your care coordinator know so we can match the client to an appropriate caregiver.

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July 8, 2013