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Age is a State of Mind

You’re only as old as you feel. It’s an old adage, but scientists have discovered that it may prove true. Why does one 100-year-old man run marathons while a 60-year-old barely has energy to cook dinner? It turns out some of it may relate to your state of mind.

In a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine online, researchers found that persons 65 years or older who felt younger than their actual age where more active and less likely to die than those who claimed to feel their real age or older.

The study is one of many that have proven that your attitude and personality can affect how you age. So, how do you keep your spirits high as you age?
Environment may be a key.

While “aging in place” is often a goal for seniors, staying at home can sometimes be a negative thing. As mobility becomes an issue, living at home can actually make seniors feel isolated. Lack of public transportation, the loss of partners and poor health can all contribute to feelings of seclusion. Isolation actually increases the rates of mortality and depression in seniors.

One way to prevent isolation is to ensure an active environment. Moving into Refined Residential Living accommodations, like the Cottage at Curry Manor can help keep aging loved ones vital and active through the years.

The Cottage is Capital City Nurses’ foray into residential services. The staff focuses on the importance of keeping our residents active mentally and physically, while offering the best in senior care.

We offer classes, seminars and talks with local groups that keep our resident’s minds sharp. Gardening, music, culinary, and dramatic programs keep bodies vital and energized. The idea behind the Cottage is to build a vital community that will engage our residents, keeping them positive and healthy.

Running a marathon at 100 might not be a life goal for everyone, but at Capital City Nurses, we know that a good attitude is a great first step to healthy aging.

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December 19, 2014
Capital City Nurses