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4 Common Emotions Caregivers Experience

Parents are invincible. That is what many children believe, at least. As you see your parents age, it can be difficult to see them struggling to feed themselves, clothe themselves or even take a bath. Caring for your parents also takes an emotional toll as well, says HelpGuide. Here you can find information about what you can expect when you take on the role of caregiver for your parents:


You might be asking yourself how you can provide your mother with all the help she needs, or how you can even find the time to dedicate to her care. After all, you would do anything for your mom. However, the thought of the commitment required to do this can make you take a step back. It is perfectly normal to be uncertain whether you are able to provide all the care your mother requires.

Resentment or anger


Taking on the care of a loved one is really difficult work. It can make you feel like your life has taken a backseat. You may feel obligated or like you have been backed into a corner and you have no other choice. Still, you should know that there is another option: you can look into hiring private duty home care specialists to help. With capable and efficient help around, you should start feeling that resentment and anger lessen, according to WomensHealth. Caregiver burnout is common.If you feel that you are suffering from burnout, so seek out help right away.


No matter how close you and your loved ones are, it can be embarrassing to see them at their lowest. Having to bathe them and change their adult diapers can be too much for you to handle. Again, private duty home care services can provide the help to do this for you. Dignity is important to maintain throughout one’s life. For many, their parent would prefer private duty, Certified Nursing Assistant to provide personal care for them, rather than their family members.


Being a caregiver can be frustrating from time to time. There are lots of details to see to. Routines can help. Routines allow you to establish control, which is especially helpful when everything else in your life seems to be spinning out of control. However, if you find yourself stressed because of tiny deviations from routine, it might be time for you to get help and consider taking a rest instead.

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Posted on
April 28, 2016
Capital City Nurses