This Year, Be an Elf for Seniors | Daughter/Son Down the Street Program
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This Year, Be an Elf for Seniors

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In Rhode Island, Santa has been getting some extra help. Elves for Elders works with local senior groups to guarantee that every senior in the area has a happy holiday. Founded a decade ago by Maxine Hutchins, Elves for Elders seeks out seniors who are alone and may not receive holiday presents.

Seniors compile wish lists and submit them to Elves for Elders. While your average teen may want a tablet or a hoverboard, most seniors ask for magazines, word-search puzzles, baby dolls, holiday ornaments, blankets, paper, pens, stamps and envelopes, socks, slippers, toiletries, and lotions. Hutchins and her crew work to make all the wishes they can come true. So far this year, the elves have 900 presents ready to deliver.

The real spirit of the holiday isn’t found in the word searches or ornaments; it’s the fact that 900 seniors who are alone this holiday season will know that someone cares for them.

At Capital City Nurses, we know the difference a personal connection can make. We carefully select our homecare staff so that you can be confident that a kind, astute person will be caring for your loved ones. Our philosophy puts an emphasis on making a connection with patients and families. We believe doing this makes us better caregivers.

This year, consider giving your loved ones a gift that will improve their lives. Make a commitment to see them as often as you can, plan outings together, and let Capital City visit when you can’t. Our Daughter Down the Street program is the perfect option for families with independently living seniors who need a little help. Our staff can help your senior run errands, start dinner, or just sit down for a chat. This program is all about the personal touch, and it can be tailored to your loved one’s needs.

This holiday season, consider doing something special for the senior in your life. Grant their holiday wishes as an honorary elf, or let Capital City Nurses’ elves work year-round to make their days bright.