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Signs and Signals (what do look for when visiting with family)

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Signs and Signals (what do look for when visiting with family)

November 27th, 2016 by


There is arguably no time of year more family-oriented than the winter holiday season, when sons, daughters, and relatives from around the globe come home to visit their loved ones. These reunions grant us opportunities to share stories and grow closer together. They allow us to spend time with family members, some of whom we have not seen for a significant period of time.

The holidays are a time to celebrate good health and happiness – but truthfully, this is not always the case. Though we wish the best for our loved ones, sometimes their health declines. The decline may be steep or it may be gradual. It may be evident or it may be more difficult to identify.

Over the course of these family gatherings you may observe subtle changes in your loved ones’ behavior, such as your mom struggling to find the right words to describe something or forgetting to turn the stove off. Maybe dad is not able to perform his daily activities without a little help.

Other observations may include:

  • Balance issues or recent falls
  • The presence of disorganized or expired medications
  • Evidence of “hoarding” or excessive messiness of the home
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Spoiled groceries (or lack of groceries) in the house
  • Evidence of neglected responsibilities, such as unpaid bills

At Capital City Nurses, and The Cottage At Curry Manor, we often hear from concerned families during the holiday season. Not knowing who to call or where to turn, sons and daughters may feel anxious, frustrated, and fearful. Who will advocate for their parent when they must return home?

Whether the assistance is companionship or the skilled care of a Registered Nurse, it all starts with the awareness that someone we care about is in need of help. Valuable resources can be found – your loved one’s primary care physician, private duty home care agencies, or Aging Life Care Managers are some examples of those who can help. The next step is reaching out.

Why not consider contacting Capital City Nurses or The Cottage At Curry Manor to learn how private duty home care or Assisted Living can benefit your mom or dad? Finding trustworthy help for nurse-supervised home care or an assisted living residence, where expert care, delicious cuisine, and a social community exist is a phone call away.

We encourage you to make the most of your time with family in the coming weeks. Embrace every moment you have together. It is in this spirit of togetherness that we, the Capital City Nurses Family of Companies, wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.

Capital City Nurses is Taking Care of Severna Park

November 25th, 2015 by

Sue Rodgers recently welcomed community leaders to the newest office of Capital City Nurses and marked the official opening by cutting the ceremonial ribbon. Regional Nurse Manager Maura Barillaro will head up nursing and business development for the Anne Arundel County Market. Capital City Nurses is located at 485 Ritchie Highway, Suite 203, in Severna Park. – See more at: http://www.severnaparkvoice.com/business/capital-city-nurses-taking-care-sp#comment-205

Better Living Through Movement

November 20th, 2015 by

Elderly people yoga lifestlye.Vector illustration

Dealing with mobility issues on a daily basis can be a pain. Joints ache, balance wavers, and a nice, firm chair looks so much more inviting than a walk around the block. But if you want to feel better and reduce your arthritis pain, moving is the key.

A study presented at the American College of Rheumatology/Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals found that low-impact exercise helped seniors suffering with arthritis to improve their balance and decrease pain.

How? It’s all about the moves.

Participants took low-impact classes for an eight-week period, focusing not on sweating, but on movement. By the end of the period, 88% of the seniors could climb stairs more confidently, 66% felt better about carrying their groceries, and 91% felt the classes reduced their fatigue. The best part of the study is this: Ninety-six percent of the seniors who took the classes were then motivated to try other forms of exercise.

So what do these numbers mean for those who are having trouble with their joints? They mean that you don’t have to run a marathon to get fit. Tai chi classes or a simple walk can transform your life as you age. Sedentary seniors don’t need to jump right into intense exercise. Basic movement classes can dramatically transform your pain levels and improve your mental outlook.

At Capital City Nurses, we know it can be hard to move, especially with arthritis. If you need help with motivation, our Daughter Down The Street or Son Stopping By program can help you. An experienced companion can visit you as often as you’d like to inspire you to do simple exercises and encourage you to keep moving.

Seniors can have it tough when it comes to aches and pains, and exercising isn’t always fun. But with a commitment to some low-impact activity, you can greatly reduce your pain and improve your confidence in the physical world. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Finding Home Where You Need It

November 16th, 2015 by

Home is where the heart is. It’s an old adage, but a true one. Though many seniors want to “age in place,” sometimes staying at home isn’t a safe option.
At Capital City Nurses, we understand seniors’ desire to stay independent, and we also know that living at home can be dangerous. Falls, isolation, poor nutrition—anything can happen when you’re aging on your own. Instead of steadfastly trying to update your home to accommodate the changes to your physical and mental needs, what if you moved to a place that allowed you to enjoy aging?
The Cottage at Curry Manor is a “Refined Residential Living” home dreamed up by Susan Rodgers, RN of Capital City Nurses. It offers seniors the chance to age gracefully in a residential assisted living that fosters community and health. Our hand-picked staff is trained to keep patients active, happy, and safe. We offer aid when needed and help build a community of connected seniors. If medical needs change during your stay, we’ll be ready and willing to make necessary adjustments to the care plan.
When seniors age at home, they can come to feel isolated, especially if they can no longer drive. At The Cottage, seniors are living in an active, engaged community featuring a myriad of activities and events. Dance classes and theater programs help seniors retain balance and memory. Those hoping to expand their minds can take classes on an assortment of topics.
Green thumbs get a chance to bloom in our gardens, and cooks can keep their culinary skills primed in kitchen classes. We also offer five-star dining featuring healthy meals prepared using local ingredients.. Most importantly, The Cottage works to keep seniors connected to younger generations. We offer computer classes and other intergenerational activities perfect for strengthening the bonds between seniors and their favorite family members.
If assisted living the place you choose consider and you want to make sure your aging loved one finds the community that suits them best, The Cottage is a wonderful option for seniors looking to age successfully. Interested? Set up an appointment for a visit, or take a virtual tour at www.thecottagehomes.com

Stay Safe This Flu Season With Vaccines

November 2nd, 2015 by

Vaccines tend to be thought of as kids’ stuff. A baby’s first needle or crying toddlers with superman Band-Aids on its arm after a booster shot are the images that are typically conjured when one thinks of vaccinations. But to seniors in America, vaccinations are an essential part of aging successfully.

Vaccinations are not a once in a lifetime occurrence. As we age, our bodies become susceptible to more diseases and proper medical intervention can be the difference between a long and painful illness and a carefree winter.

Though there are many vaccines that can help seniors, three are of the utmost importance: Influenza, Pneumonia, and Shingles.

Available at pharmacies and even grocery stores, the flu vaccine is probably the most widely available of the three. It offers seniors the chance to get some protection from a strain of the flu. This is important because, while never a walk in the park, the flu can become a serious illness for seniors who contract it.

Another disease that can easily weaken seniors, pneumonia, can also be prevented with a vaccine. Each year, seven percent of the people who contract pneumonia die, and these numbers go up in the senior population. It is an illness that can easily weaken an aging person and can lead to hospital stays and a whole host of medical problems. Talk to your doctor about scheduling a pneumonia vaccine, as the full vaccine requires two precisely timed shots.

Finally, shingles is a vaccine that everyone over 50 should consider. A recurrence of the chicken pox virus in your body, shingles leads to pain, rashes, and in some cases hospitalization. Pain from the shingles can last even after the disease has gone, sometimes for years. Help yourself and other seniors from a painful outbreak with a simple shot. At Capital City Nurses, we believe that preventive measures like getting vaccines is a worthwhile consideration. It might make sense to inquire about these three vaccines, make an appointment with your doctor.

Home Care – Agency VS. Registry

October 27th, 2015 by

The Benefits of Agency and Registry With Capital City Nurses

When care is needed at home there are a number of options to choose from. The most reliable and accepted are the choice between care provided through a home care agency and care provided by an independent caregiver that is a member of a caregiver registry. At Capital City Nurses, we offer our clients the power of choice. Our clients can choose whether care provided through our agency or care referred to a trusted member of our registry is best for them.

The Key Similarities

There are similarities between our agency and registry services. The primary similarity is that the client will receive exceptional private duty care. Each caregiver will have submitted to a thorough background screening, their references are checked and their certifications are current. All caregivers will also have malpractice insurance coverage. Each Certified Nursing Assistant is an experienced and vetted professional.

The Key Differences

  • All agency caregivers are employees of our home care agency, which means they work under the supervision of our Registered Nurses. A Registered Nurse starts each case with an assessment of the client that informs the development of a written care plan. When clients choose to work with the registry, the client and family relay the client’s needs directly to the referred caregiver. The caregiver and family communicate to form a course of action and the daily tasks the client needs assistance with. A Registered Nurse overseeing the care is not part of the service offered through a registry.
  • Capital City Nurses’ Agency staff will handle the invoicing for services, which is based on a set hourly rate (rates range from $20-25 per hour). Caregivers from our registry set their own rates (usually between $14-16 per hour), clients pay the independent caregiver directly. The client pays a separate shift referral fee to Capital City Nurses Registry. This referral fee is paid for each visit or shift.
  • Registry caregivers are covered under their own malpractice insurance. They are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Capital City Nurses Agency caregivers have full coverage for both malpractice as well as workers’ compensation under company policies.
  • We provide communication between the client and the caregiver. Our agency provides a dedicated Care Coordinator to manage your case from logistics to problem solving and working with you and your family to provide the home care and oversight your loved one needs. Families are assigned a dedicated consultant as registry clients. Your consultant may communicate information to you from the caregiver and make suggestions on best practices to ensure success between caregiver and client. They may refer another certified nursing assistant if requested and can be a source for all the information a family needs to rest assured that their mom or dad are receiving the exceptional care they deserve.

Few others offer the power of choice and attention to detail that Capital City Nurses offers. You have the power to choose which service best fits your needs. Call today to speak with a Client Relations Manager to learn more. You have the ability to choose the option that works best for your needs. This allows for maximum personalization to work with your needs and the needs of your loved one.

Senior Care Services: Are They Applicable for My Loved One?

September 10th, 2015 by

Growing concern about an aging parent or other family member who lives alone is something that many people experience. The biggest fear is that an emergency will arise and there will not be immediate help available. The senior care services provided by Capital City Nurses are ideal for individuals who need extra assistance to continue to live independently. Having an exceptional and experienced caregiver with your loved one gives families peace of mind and let’s mom or dad feel good about staying on their own. Seniors can feel like a burden on their children sometimes, so they need. If you’re wondering whether personal care services are right for your loved one, take these points into consideration.

  • Various Care Levels Available: Senior care services aren’t just for those who need assistance around the clock. With various care levels available, you can choose for a nurse to visit on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. While 24/7 care is also an option, it’s quite easy to personalize the amount of care provided.
  • More than Medical Care: If your loved one doesn’t have any serious medical conditions, but they are having trouble with household duties, meal preparation and other daily activities – a caregiver could be of assistance. Senior care services go deeper than just medical-related needs, and this is an important factor to keep in mind. To maintain the quality of life that your loved one is used to, senior care could be an effective solution.
  • Daily Interaction: Many seniors can become discouraged because they can’t get out and about like they once did. In these situations, caregivers from Capital City Nurses can be extremely useful to help keep the senior remaining isolated. From providing lively conversation to just being a thoughtful listener, these caregivers are truly passionate about providing a level of care that not only treats their physical needs, but provides human interaction as well.

If you feel as though your friend or family member could benefit from these care services, it’s in your best interest to take advantage of a consultation. Capital City Nurses is happy to sit down with potential patients and their family members to provide them with all of the information they need to feel confident moving forward with a nursing care service.

Fight Aging with Food

July 9th, 2015 by

Everyone loves to treat themselves. A chocolate sundae, a cookie with lunch, or a calorie-laden coffee drink, rewarding yourself with food has become a tradition in America.

But if you’re hoping to live a long and healthy life, deprivation, not indulgence, may be the key to success. Researchers at the University of Southern California have found that adopting a diet that mimics fasting may improve brain function, cut fat and extend the life of seniors.

Don’t throw out the contents of your refrigerator just yet. Fasting can be dangerous, especially for older people who may have chronic health conditions. Researchers say fasting isn’t the only way to achieve these results, and that a calorie-restricted diet that mimics a fast can be as effective. To mimic fasting conditions, subjects were given a diet plan that featured about 34% of their normal caloric intake.

The team found that if mice ate a fast-like restricted calorie diet for four days bimonthly, the rodents showed remarkable health benefits. The practice extended the lifespan of the mice, reduced inflammatory diseases, boosted the immune system, decreased cancer occurrences, and fortified bone density.

“It’s about reprogramming the body so it enters a slower aging mode, but also rejuvenating it through stem cell-based regeneration,” explains head researcher Valter Longo. “It’s not a typical diet because it isn’t something you need to stay on.”

Should you try out this fasting-based diet? We recommend checking with your doctor before making a drastic change in your caloric intake, especially if you’re on any medications. However, it is an interesting concept. Simply lowering the calories you consume is a good start. At Capital City Nurses, we promote well rounded nutrition as part of a successful aging plan. Our nurse can help you plan nutritious meals, and our home care workers can even prepare them. Our new Refined Residential Living assisted living, The Cottage at Curry Manor, features home cooked cuisine that is both delicious and nutritious.

Whether you’re interested in lowering your caloric intake for a better life, or just want to retool your diet, there’s always time to make positive changes in your lifestyle.

Capital City Talks

July 3rd, 2015 by

Bethesda Magazine featured Capital City Nurses in their Ask the Senior Services Experts section of the May/June issue. The information offers readers insight into the aging process and the services that can make the transition into our golden years successful. The piece was written by Capital City Nurses’ founder Susan Rodgers, RN.

The magazine asked Rodgers how families should decide between home care and assisted living.

“Family members should evaluate mom’s or dad’s capabilities, limitations and condition, and identify what specific support they need,” explained Rodgers. “Bill paying, housekeeping and meal preparation may be closely followed by medication, dressing and bathing assistance. Does anyone have the time and energy to provide support or play an active role in directing all of this?”

Capital City Nurses can help you if you’re unsure of your family member’s needs. Our staff of trained nurses can visit seniors’ homes, perform evaluations, and share with you their recommendations. Some seniors may just need a helper to stop by for a few hours, others may need renovations in their homes for safety and convenience, and some may need comprehensive care.

“Home care is a great way to fill gaps for a time or forever,” says Rodgers. “A few hours a day may be enough, but some seniors will need 24/7 care.”

If you’re in need of a part-time care solution, Capital City Nurses will work with you to find a service that will fit you and your family’s needs.

“Our home care services have long been recognized as the best in our area with services ranging from two hour Short and Sweet Visits to round-the-clock care,” says Rodgers. “Our experienced coordinators match the senior and caregiver according to their needs and personalities.”

If round-the-clock home care is needed, but not financially feasible, assisted living might be the best option for your family. Capital City Nurses can also help you transition your loved one from home to a community that offers the services they need. The Cottage at Curry Manor, our Refined Residential Living community offers seniors the chance to enjoy their later years in style, offering gourmet food, enrichment activities, social events and classes.

“We offer a refined assisted living experience,” Rodgers says of the Manor, which she helped design.

Whether you’re wondering if your senior loved one needs care, or trying to determine a care plan, Capital City Nurses is a trusted way to help you and your elderly family members find the path to aging success. Please look for our advertisement in Bethesda Magazineection.

Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

June 29th, 2015 by

Alzheimer’s and Dementia care is a specialized skill. These conditions require a deeper understanding of why certain behaviors manifest themselves and requires an experienced professional that knows techniques and strategies to help the dementia client lead their best life. This specialized care takes someone who is experienced and truly dedicated to what they do. Capital City Nurses provides professional care for those who are suffering from memory-related disorders. Our home care takes place wherever home is, it may be in their own home or in an assisted living or memory care setting. In these scenarios, Capital City Nurses’ professional caregivers are able to provide one-on-one, specialized attention that allows the patient to live with as much dignity and independence as possible.

At Home Care

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of taking your loved one out of their home, rest assured that you can still get them the care they need while allowing them to remain in comfortable surroundings. The nurses with Capital City Nurses who provide Alzheimer’s and Dementia care are available on a live-in basis or hourly basis. They can visit the home on a schedule that works for you and your loved ones’ unique needs. By providing assistance with medications, household chores, meal preparation and personal hygiene – you can have peace of mind about their quality of life while remaining at home.

Assisted Living or Memory Care facilities

If you’ve chosen the route of assisted living or memory care unit, you may be concerned that your loved one won’t receive the personalized care that they deserve. Often times Capital City Nurses will provide one-on-one nursing care in the assisted living or nursing home environment. Having this extra attention and someone that can help mom or dad navigate their surroundings, in addition to the facility staff helps make our clients’ lives better and their families feel confident that their parent always has a watchful eye on them. This supplemental service is ideal for clients requiring more care than the facility can offer, but who otherwise are thriving.

Personalized Care

Every Alzheimer’s or Dementia patient is unique. Having Capital City Nurses there standing behind gives our client families a wonderful feeling of confidence in their loved one’s care. expectations involved. When truly personalized care is available, why settle for anything less?