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Dealing with mobility issues on a daily basis can be a pain. Joints ache, balance wavers, and a nice, firm chair looks so much more inviting than a walk around the block. But if you want to feel better and reduce your arthritis pain, moving is the key.

A study presented at the American College of Rheumatology/Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals found that low-impact exercise helped seniors suffering with arthritis to improve their balance and decrease pain.

How? It’s all about the moves.

Participants took low-impact classes for an eight-week period, focusing not on sweating, but on movement. By the end of the period, 88% of the seniors could climb stairs more confidently, 66% felt better about carrying their groceries, and 91% felt the classes reduced their fatigue. The best part of the study is this: Ninety-six percent of the seniors who took the classes were then motivated to try other forms of exercise.

So what do these numbers mean for those who are having trouble with their joints? They mean that you don’t have to run a marathon to get fit. Tai chi classes or a simple walk can transform your life as you age. Sedentary seniors don’t need to jump right into intense exercise. Basic movement classes can dramatically transform your pain levels and improve your mental outlook.

At Capital City Nurses, we know it can be hard to move, especially with arthritis. If you need help with motivation, our Daughter Down The Street or Son Stopping By program can help you. An experienced companion can visit you as often as you’d like to inspire you to do simple exercises and encourage you to keep moving.

Seniors can have it tough when it comes to aches and pains, and exercising isn’t always fun. But with a commitment to some low-impact activity, you can greatly reduce your pain and improve your confidence in the physical world. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Can your house tell you if your mother took her morning pills? Does it notify you with concerns about your father’s mobility? In a few years, it won’t just be phones that are “smart.” A team of researchers is working on a smart-house program that will monitor and adapt to seniors as they age.

Washington State University’s Center for Advanced Studies in Adaptive Systems has created a “smart home in a box.” The system involves 30 sensors installed throughout the house. The house can then monitor movement, temperature, times that doors are opened or closed, and changes to habit patterns.

The machines are more than just data collectors. The system was designed to learn and recognize repetition of actions. This means that pets, visitors, and other outside stimuli won’t warp the system’s data. With the “smart house,” seniors can live independently while their loved ones get real-time data on activities, household business, and the basic abilities of their seniors as assessed by the house’s program. The “smart house” can even tell the difference between an accidental fall and a senior willingly getting on the floor, so it won’t offer false alarms.

At Capital City Nurses, we believe that offering seniors a sense of self-sufficiency can help them remain vital. Until your home has the IQ to monitor your loved ones, consider the human touch. Capital City Nurses’ hand-picked nurses aides and the exceptional independent caregivers they can refer  are  equipped to help aging loved ones with everything from running weekly errands to regaining mobility. Patient care is paramount to us, and we work with seniors to make sure they are aging successfully.

If you’d like your loved one to live in a “smart house” that’s available now, consider The Cottage at Curry Manor. Capital City’s first foray into Refined Residential Living, The Cottage offers five-star accommodations and an attentive medical staff. We can help any resident achieve their mental and physical potential with a program tailored to enrich their life according to current mental and physical abilities. We offer gourmet food, exciting classes, afternoon tea, and community activities.

Whether you’re interested in transforming your home into a Shangri-la of digital security for your loved one or you simply want to ensure they are living life to the fullest, Capital City Nurses can help. Call us to learn how we can help you and your aging loved one enjoy the years to come.

Home is where the heart is. It’s an old adage, but a true one. Though many seniors want to “age in place,” sometimes staying at home isn’t a safe option.
At Capital City Nurses, we understand seniors’ desire to stay independent, and we also know that living at home can be dangerous. Falls, isolation, poor nutrition—anything can happen when you’re aging on your own. Instead of steadfastly trying to update your home to accommodate the changes to your physical and mental needs, what if you moved to a place that allowed you to enjoy aging?
The Cottage at Curry Manor is a “Refined Residential Living” home dreamed up by Susan Rodgers, RN of Capital City Nurses. It offers seniors the chance to age gracefully in a residential assisted living that fosters community and health. Our hand-picked staff is trained to keep patients active, happy, and safe. We offer aid when needed and help build a community of connected seniors. If medical needs change during your stay, we’ll be ready and willing to make necessary adjustments to the care plan.
When seniors age at home, they can come to feel isolated, especially if they can no longer drive. At The Cottage, seniors are living in an active, engaged community featuring a myriad of activities and events. Dance classes and theater programs help seniors retain balance and memory. Those hoping to expand their minds can take classes on an assortment of topics.
Green thumbs get a chance to bloom in our gardens, and cooks can keep their culinary skills primed in kitchen classes. We also offer five-star dining featuring healthy meals prepared using local ingredients.. Most importantly, The Cottage works to keep seniors connected to younger generations. We offer computer classes and other intergenerational activities perfect for strengthening the bonds between seniors and their favorite family members.
If assisted living the place you choose consider and you want to make sure your aging loved one finds the community that suits them best, The Cottage is a wonderful option for seniors looking to age successfully. Interested? Set up an appointment for a visit, or take a virtual tour at

Vaccines tend to be thought of as kids’ stuff. A baby’s first needle or crying toddlers with superman Band-Aids on its arm after a booster shot are the images that are typically conjured when one thinks of vaccinations. But to seniors in America, vaccinations are an essential part of aging successfully.

Vaccinations are not a once in a lifetime occurrence. As we age, our bodies become susceptible to more diseases and proper medical intervention can be the difference between a long and painful illness and a carefree winter.

Though there are many vaccines that can help seniors, three are of the utmost importance: Influenza, Pneumonia, and Shingles.

Available at pharmacies and even grocery stores, the flu vaccine is probably the most widely available of the three. It offers seniors the chance to get some protection from a strain of the flu. This is important because, while never a walk in the park, the flu can become a serious illness for seniors who contract it.

Another disease that can easily weaken seniors, pneumonia, can also be prevented with a vaccine. Each year, seven percent of the people who contract pneumonia die, and these numbers go up in the senior population. It is an illness that can easily weaken an aging person and can lead to hospital stays and a whole host of medical problems. Talk to your doctor about scheduling a pneumonia vaccine, as the full vaccine requires two precisely timed shots.

Finally, shingles is a vaccine that everyone over 50 should consider. A recurrence of the chicken pox virus in your body, shingles leads to pain, rashes, and in some cases hospitalization. Pain from the shingles can last even after the disease has gone, sometimes for years. Help yourself and other seniors from a painful outbreak with a simple shot. At Capital City Nurses, we believe that preventive measures like getting vaccines is a worthwhile consideration. It might make sense to inquire about these three vaccines, make an appointment with your doctor.