Alzheimer’s and Dementia care is a specialized skill. These conditions require a deeper understanding of why certain behaviors manifest themselves and requires an experienced professional that knows techniques and strategies to help the dementia client lead their best life. This specialized care takes someone who is experienced and truly dedicated to what they do. Capital City Nurses provides professional care for those who are suffering from memory-related disorders. Our home care takes place wherever home is, it may be in their own home or in an assisted living or memory care setting. In these scenarios, Capital City Nurses’ professional caregivers are able to provide one-on-one, specialized attention that allows the patient to live with as much dignity and independence as possible.

At Home Care

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of taking your loved one out of their home, rest assured that you can still get them the care they need while allowing them to remain in comfortable surroundings. The nurses with Capital City Nurses who provide Alzheimer’s and Dementia care are available on a live-in basis or hourly basis. They can visit the home on a schedule that works for you and your loved ones’ unique needs. By providing assistance with medications, household chores, meal preparation and personal hygiene – you can have peace of mind about their quality of life while remaining at home.

Assisted Living or Memory Care facilities

If you’ve chosen the route of assisted living or memory care unit, you may be concerned that your loved one won’t receive the personalized care that they deserve. Often times Capital City Nurses will provide one-on-one nursing care in the assisted living or nursing home environment. Having this extra attention and someone that can help mom or dad navigate their surroundings, in addition to the facility staff helps make our clients’ lives better and their families feel confident that their parent always has a watchful eye on them. This supplemental service is ideal for clients requiring more care than the facility can offer, but who otherwise are thriving.

Personalized Care

Every Alzheimer’s or Dementia patient is unique. Having Capital City Nurses there standing behind gives our client families a wonderful feeling of confidence in their loved one’s care. expectations involved. When truly personalized care is available, why settle for anything less?

When it comes to skilled nursing services, most people assume that it is only for aging seniors. While a Capital City Nurses private duty aide can certainly assist those who are aging and unable to live safely on their own anymore, a higher level skilled nurse such as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) can be available to individuals in need of specialized care on a short or long-term basis. Capital City Nurses refers the most dedicated and experienced skilled nurses in the industry, and they’re available to assist patients who are in need of reliable care at home.

Post-Op Patients

Undergoing any type of medical procedure can be stressful. One of the main things that patients are concerned about is how they’re going to properly recover. Doctors give post-surgical orders and restrictions that can be difficult to adhere to without the right help. Whether you’re living alone or your family simply is not able to be there for you – skilled nursing services are required by us for post-operative patients who need that extra assistance. From bandage/dressing, medication to stay ahead of pain, drains and other post-operative situations, ensuring that our clients are able to rest properly, make their follow up visits and be on alert during the crucial period after surgery is our commitment. Our skilled nurses are your caretakers throughout recovery.

New Parents

If you are bringing a new baby home in need of a helping hand, skilled nursing services can be a great help. For parents with another child at home, nurses can aid with childcare which allows for parents to focus on the new little one. In addition, assistance with household chores, meal preparation and other errands can be provided to allow for a smoother transition back into everyday life. It’s easy to personalize your nursing experience with Capital City Nurses, and your individual needs are always taken into consideration.


Some medical conditions require extra and specialized care. Often, in these instances, a nursing home or memory care unit is not the optimal environment. Specialized in home nursing may be the ideal solution for clients suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Capital City Nurses provides or refers skilled and unskilled caregivers that specialize in treating these unique cimedical conditions that require a different level of understanding and empathy.

When a friend or family member is no longer able to live on their own safely, many options may be considered. While some people turn to nursing homes to ensure that their elderly loved one is safe and cared for, others don’t like the idea of relocating them out of their home and placing them in a foreign environment. If your opinion is more in line with the latter, in home care can be a wonderful alternative. Capital City Nurses is an established, family owned provider of in home care. Our experienced nurses provide a level of personalized attention that cannot be matched.

One on One

A challenge facing most nursing homes is that they have more residents than staff members. Because most nurses are assigned to many patients at a time, it can become overwhelming for them. Their job becomes task oriented and personalized care for each individual resident suffers. Through no fault of their own the staff members provide care to the best of their abilities, but they know that there are many other residents waiting on them and they cannot spend too much time with one resident at the expense of another. Home care nursing eliminates the staff to patient ratio problem and allows each nurse’s aide to fully connect with their client. They have the chance to get to know their personal clinical needs and can encourage their client to get more from themselves. Our CNA’s assist with household chores and laundry and routines add a whole new level of one on one personalized care.

No Room for Error

Nursing home staff can become overworked. Mistakes happen when people are overworked. When medications, balanced issues or other safety and health-care related needs are involved, there is no room for error. The in home nursing care provided by Capital City Nurses is unparalleled. Our nurses and our Care Coordinators take pride in their dedication to each client and they familiarize themselves with the specific needs of their clients. Whether a complicated medication regimen or following a strict dietary regulation, attention to detail is a priority.

The Comforts of Home

Finally, the decision to remain at home as we age has proven to be one of our greatest desires. The serenity and happiness of remaining in the comfort of your own home is a major factor when weighing your options for senior care. For many of our elders, this can make a difference in their emotional, mental and physical well-being, and it’s something that every family member or caregiver should take into consideration when choosing which route to take for personalized nursing care.

Sometimes, faster isn’t better. The hare learned that as he watched the tortoise cross the finish line. When it comes to health, it turns out that Aesop was right: Slow and Steady sometimes wins the race.

Researchers have found that five hours of light exercise provided significant health benefits for seniors over the age of 65. Oregon State University scientists examined a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and discovered that light exercise is nearly as beneficial as high-intensity exercise for seniors.

Light exercises are defined as any non-strenuous activity. Doctors found that seniors who participated in walking, slow dancing (such as waltzing), ping pong, and pool aerobics for at least 5 hours per week experienced health benefits. Even everyday household chores, like sweeping or gardening offer light activity rewards.

Scientists have found that consistent light activity reduces BMI, improves insulin levels, enhances flexibility and balance, and lessens the occurrences of chronic illnesses in seniors. Scientists have also found that light activity is easier for seniors to consistently complete. While high-intensity physical activities are still the most beneficial, many seniors would require a doctor’s approval to participate. Strenuous workouts also frequently incur injuries and are easily dismissed. Committing to weeding the garden every week is easier for most seniors than committing to running three miles per week.

At Capital City Nurses, we know that staying active is a great way to stay healthy as you age. We encourage you to do what you can to be active. If you’re having trouble getting started, light exercise is an ideal place to begin. Gather a group of friends for leisurely walks, teach your grandchildren how to plant and tend a garden, or challenge a loved one to a game of ping pong. You don’t have to kill yourself, you just have to keep moving for 30 minutes. Capital City Nurses can help you with your activities if you’re nervous about getting started. Our caregivers can help and supervise as you embark on your fitness journey.

If you’re interested in getting active, remember: You don’t have to start big. Before you sign up for a triathlon, take a turn around the block with friends. It might not seem like a tough workout, but it’s a step in the right direction.

When it comes to deciding on how to care for an aging parent or loved one, there is no single solution that fits all family’s needs and values. Assisted Living or memory care units may be the right choice for some, while others may feel the desire to participate more in the day to day of their mom or dad and supplement their care with the help of hourly private duty home care aides. Still others want their parent at home, but know that they will need around the clock care and supervision. Having a live-in caregiver can be just the right option in some cases.

Tips to make a Live-In last

Certain criteria should be considered before committing to the idea of a live-in caregiver in order to make the choice a successful one. Like a family member that provides 24/7 care, burnout of a live-in caregiver can sabotage the arrangement quickly.

  1. Proper rest is a must. A minimum of 7 hours per night of uninterrupted sleep should be expected. If your mom or dad get up to use the bathroom or for other reasons multiple times throughout the night and the live-in is awakened to assist, this could lead to burnout within a couple of months.
  2. The Live-In caregiver should have separate quarters for themselves and ideally a separate bathroom. This allows the caregiver the space to be an individual and to relax and reflect when their charge is settled in for the night.
  3. Scheduled time off will help the relationship last. No one can be “on” 24/7/365. It is a good idea for the Live-In caregiver to take every other weekend off from the client. This allows for a break from work, time to visit with family or friends and time to take care of things in their personal life. Remember, caregivers have lives too!

Be at Home

An advantage of live-in care is that your loved one has the chance to stay at home while receiving high-quality full-time care. You don’t have to relocate your loved one, which can be very stressful. Most polls show that seniors wish to remain in their homes as they age. The liv-in option may be a great way to help your loved one “age in place.”

Personal Care

In home care, whether it is hourly or live-in, is one-on-one attention. Assisted Living communities cannot offer this level of care and attention. In a nursing home or assisted living where the staff must cater to multiple clients during their shift. Depending on the number of residents a staff member is responsible for and the communities staffing ratios, this can mean a few minutes every few hours of personal attention. With a one-to-one caregiver, you know the energy of the private duty aide is directed solely at mom or dad. Their personal care is the only goal of the one-on-one caregiver. This is a comforting feeling.


Because your loved one can stay home with the help of a live-in caregiver, he or she is less likely to feel vulnerable and lonely. This can benefit the person’s physical and mental health. In addition, a caregiver can even take your family member to an appointment or outing so that he or she can still enjoy some variety in life. Isolation is a main source of depression among seniors and having the companionship of an personal aide can help alleviate this in many ways.

Cost and Flexibility

Another major advantage of live-in care services provided by Capital City Nurses is that it’s relatively cost-effective when compared to a high-quality nursing home or the standard hourly rate of home care. A live-in caregiver may take care of two people as well. Depending on the level of care each person needs, live-ins can be a cost effective option for couples. Your loved one gets to stay at home, has one-on-one attention to their needs and it can save families money. When all the factors align to make a live-in arrangement successful Live-in care can positively impact your family member’s life and be a great long term care solution.

Being a caregiver is a very difficult job, emotionally and physically. At times you may find yourself experiencing burnout. This is a real condition that affects many of us that provide the daily care for an aging parent or loved one. Capital City Nurses is a home care provider that recognizes the challenges caregivers face each day. 39 years of experience has shown us that our service not only helps our actual clients, but their spouses, daughters, sons or daughters in law as well. Caregivers that have sacrificed for months or even years benefit almost as much as our clients Trusting your loved one to Capital City Nurses’ care offers time to recharge and be family again.

Types of Senior Care Services

Capital City Nurses offers flexibility. There is no one size fits all program for home care, so we work with families to provide the care they need. Our care can be around the clock, seven days a week, weekdays while a spouse goes to work or runs errands, or 90 minute visits 2-3 times per week. There are situations that are unique that we are happy to accommodate, such as:

  • Temporary care following a long hospital stay
  • Overnight care allowing family to rest peacefully
  • If the regular caregiver needs a respite
  • If the family and/or caregiver, is going on a vacation or taking care of another matter that requires an extended period away
  • Companionship visits

Capital City Nurses is able to tailor our care to meet almost any needs of our clients. “When the need is there, so are we.”

What Advantages Good Senior Care Services Offer

When it comes down to selecting the right type of senior care services agency, it must reflect the following characteristics found at our agency, including:

  • Flexibility: At Capital City Nurses, we afford our clients flexibility. There are no contracts to sign and care can be put on hold with a phone call just 24 hours in advance. When you are ready to resume care, simply call your dedicated Care Coordinator to start care again. We will do everything we can to accommodate our clients’ schedules and maintain the quality of care our clients expect.
  • Personal Care: As trained professionals we have the ability provide both skilled medical care and proper personal care as part of our senior care services. From helping manage medications to taking a client to the library, we are trained in all facets of private duty senior care. Capital City Nurses always delivers our private duty services with care, respecting our clients’ individuality while helping with issues related to their health, mobility, and emotional status.

At Capital City Nurses, our staff focuses on the specific needs and requirements of each individual client and their families. Whether the request is for a few hours of respite care or 24-hour care, we are there to ensure that our client is cared for with dignity and compassion.

When an aging friend or family member is no longer safe living on their own, home care can be the ideal way to ensure they’re able to remain in the comfort of their home while still receiving the assistance they need. If you are currently considering whether or not this is the right choice for your parent or loved one, there are a few things to ask yourself. Capital City Nurses is happy to answer any questions you may have – to help ensure that you are prepared before making that first inquiry.

What Level of Care Do They Need?

Home care is not a one size fits all service. In fact, it’s one of the most personalized services available. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are available to come on a daily schedule or a few days a week or even on a less frequent schedule. The level of care is tailored to the client’s needs. For those who are in need of around-the-clock care, nurses may be available on a live-in basis. In addition to considering a schedule, you will also want to consider the specific needs your loved one may have.

What’s Most Important?

Which duties that a caregiver can perform are the most important to make the life of your loved one better? Is it help with “Activities of Daily Living” such as bathing, dressing, changing, toileting and meal preparation and assistance walking or is it medication reminders and companionship? Having an understanding of your loved one’s needs allows an experienced Care Coordinator to make helpful suggestions and to make the perfect caregiver match for your needs. The scope of care for a Capital City Nurses caregiver is broad, so if a client has all of these needs, we can accommodate.

Is Memory Care Necessary?

If a loved one is suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer ’s disease, this is certainly something you will want to bring to the attention of the home care agency. Patients with memory issues are often in need of more specialized and focused care, you will want to ensure that the caregiver assigned to your loved one is experienced in caring for individuals with these conditions and that the agency offers up to date training on caring for people suffering from memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s. Capital City Nurses offers exceptional care to those with these conditions.

Can ensure that the highest level of care possible is provided.

Aging-in-place has long been considered an ideal for many seniors. The idea of living in independence or semi-independence is alluring to a generation used to taking care of themselves. But aging-in-place is more than making your own meals and keeping yourself active.

In the case of most seniors, aging-in-place can mean expensive renovations so that their homes can compete with the aging process. A Demand Institute study showed that Baby Boomers are planning for expansion as they age, hoping to buy bigger homes after retirement. Chair lifts, walk-in tubs, fall protection systems and even ramps could be necessary for a senior to live comfortably at home. Even if a home has the latest technology, seniors who age at home tend to feel isolated, especially if they have lost a partner. Feelings of isolation can lead to depression, loss of social skills and, in some cases, cognitive impairment.

If maintaining or renovating a home isn’t financially feasible, it may be time to consider an alternative that offers seniors independence and an active community.

The Cottage at Curry Manor offers seniors refined residential living. Staffed by Capital City Nurses, the Cottage is an ideal spot that offers seniors enrichment for their minds, activities for their bodies and five-star accommodations that promote community and self-sufficiency.

We boast one of the largest staff to resident ratios in the country, meaning that seniors have an attentive group of experts monitoring their health and wellbeing. Our suites are ideal for active seniors and those who may need special care, The Cottage tailors their services to the needs of their residents.

Since The Cottage’s goal is to foster independence, our refined residential living is modeled off luxury hotels. The gated estate offers beautiful grounds, a gourmet kitchen, a spa, and plush suites with private bathrooms. Fresh flowers adorn the community areas, residents can try a new look at our salon, and afternoon tea is served with scrumptious treats. We even put a chocolate on every pillow at night.

Using expertise garnered through years of Capital City Nurses home healthcare, The Cottage has developed programs that help seniors age successfully. We boast extensive arts and education programs, focused on keeping seniors active in mind and body.

Our staff works with residents to keep them from feeling isolated and helps them build an intricate social community. Seniors can learn the latest technology, including email and Skype, so that they can stay connected to their families. Conversation areas and meetings with local community groups are an excellent way for seniors to keep their minds and social skills sharp.

Whether you have a loved one who’s aging, are weighing the costs of renovations to your home, or are planning for the future, visit The Cottage – or take a virtual tour here – to explore the benefits of aging in a place designed to allow seniors to live life to the fullest.

What’s the difference between normal aging and a warning sign? Could you make the distinction?

Aging is a process that can bring on many changes for seniors. Some may find living at home a challenge. Some may thrive in their golden years. But can you tell the difference between a deteriorating home environment and typically messy living room?

At Capital City Nurses, we can help you evaluate and aid your loved ones as they age. Our Care Assessment can help you and your loved one determine how they’re adapting to the home environment. Our hand-picked staff is trained to assess home life for seniors and develop a personalized plan that caters to their exact care needs. We can work with families and doctors to make sure all needs are being met.

Do you have a loved one that recently had surgery? Or Post-Operative Care service is a great way to get seniors on the road to recovery in their homes. We will minimize the stress of recovery by allowing you to recuperate in a familiar environment. Our nurses will change bandages, help with physical therapy, and cook healthy meals.

Our Medication Management service can help independent seniors continue to enjoy their freedom. Our nurses can coordinate prescriptions, organize pills, manage doses and create a medication schedule for seniors.

Our Daughter Down the Street program lets seniors socialize and offers a bit more care for those that need it. Our staff can take seniors out for activities, do light cooking and housekeeping, and just sit and chat. This is a great service for seniors that need an unobtrusive hand to help them live independently successfully.

If you have a loved one that needs long-term care, Capital City can offer you expertly trained nursing staff that can provide full or part time care.

Whether you’re wondering if a loved one needs a little extra help, or you’re looking for a care solution for a senior, Capital City Nurses can work with you to evaluate and enhance the home environment of your loved ones.

If your loved one has lived past the age of 65, chances are, they’ve grown accustomed to independence. They’ve spent the better part of their lives working, paying taxes, and possibly raising you.

So, some seniors might be resistant to the idea of fulltime or even part time care giving.

Thanks to a new technology, you can monitor an elderly loved one unobtrusively, even a few states away. Senior-focused tech company Lively developed a medical alert system that goes well beyond “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. The system consists of a watch, which is waterproof and can be worn constantly, a hub and activity sensors. The watch monitors heart rate, can sense falls and has a help button that seniors can push if they need assistance.

Sensors can be put in a wide array of places, such as the refrigerator, a pill case and the front door. You can use the sensors to monitor your loved one’s activities without being invasive. Lively sensors will record the time that each sensor is tripped, meaning you can tell if your loved one has taken their daily medication, or eaten lunch. If something essential, like a pill dosage is missed, Lively allows you to send a reminder to the watch.

If the Lively system is a little too tech-dependent for your seniors, Capital City Nurses offers excellent options for unobtrusive caregiving. Our Medication Management service can help seniors maintain their independence while ensuring that they are preserving their health. Our Medication Management service is ideal for those who live far away from their loved ones. A registered nurse can help seniors coordinate their medication orders, organize pills for the week and help with dosage. We can also offer medication reminders for seniors.

With a Capital City Nurse visiting, you can rely that your loved one is getting superior care by someone trained to encourage independence while evaluating care needs.

Whether you’re interested in helping a loved one remember their daily pills, or just want a friendly face checking in, Capital City Nurses reminds you that help doesn’t have to be overwhelming to be effective.