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The term ‘aging successfully’ can have a variety of meanings. Does it mean that you’re exercising regularly to promote an active lifestyle through the years? Does it mean that you’re keeping your mind strong with crossword puzzles and classes? Perhaps it means eating healthy to promote both an active lifestyle and sharp mind?

Whatever your definition of aging successfully is, the key may be as simple as the old real estate mantra: Location, location, location. Capital City Nurses has found a way to encourage successful aging, no matter the definition, with their Cottage at Curry Manor.

Staffed with caregivers hand-picked by Capital City Nurses, The Cottage is a refined residential experience. We work to foster independence and mental and physical enrichment, but are prepared to help you with any medical problems that may arise. We also boast the highest staff to resident ratio in the area, meaning lots of individualized care and attention.

If you’re interested in staying active, The Cottage offers a myriad options. You can keep your mind and body healthy through gardening, yoga, stretching, walking and dance. We can help you design a workout regimen that will help you meet the CDC’s guidelines for healthy activity.

Living at The Cottage is also a great way to keep your mind fit. Studies have shown that socialization is the key to seniors experiencing a high quality of life as they age. Conversations help seniors keep their minds strong and stave off depression. At The Cottage, seniors stay connected at Sunday brunches with families, community socials, intergenerational social events and more.

Those looking to hone their minds can find a plethora of activities geared toward mental stimulation. We offer memoir writing, painting, book clubs, continuing education classes and drama productions. Those who want to explore the culture and history in the DC area can sign up for trips to the Kennedy Center, Strathmore and local galleries.

Aging successfully can mean many things. No matter how you choose to define it, pick a location that will help you live your best life, no matter the years.

One thing people fear losing as they get older is their independence. From a young age, children are taught to be independent, and they long for this independence during adolescence. After supporting themselves for decades during adulthood, people naturally wish to continue doing so in their older years. However, their health may prevent this from becoming feasible. A home care agency can make it possible for elderly individuals to stay in their homes and live fulfilling lives.

Being There When You Can’t

When a loved one gets older, you may be concerned about his or her safety on a daily basis. For instance, perhaps the individual may forget to turn off the gas after cooking a hot meal, or maybe they is not good about keeping up with his or her medications. Being there for your loved one 24-7 may be impossible because you have a spouse and children of your own to tend to or you have a busy work schedule. Even if you are able to be there for your loved one frequently, the care-giving process can be emotionally and physically exhausting. In these cases, a home care agency can help fill the void.

Valuable Services

Keeping up with daily tasks can be overwhelming at any age but especially for an elderly individual who is struggling with mental or physical challenges. This is why a home care agency can be so valuable. A care provider can help your loved one prepare meals, help with feeding, bathe and get dressed as needed. Receiving help with financial or appointment management can also be extremely useful. You can communicate with your loved one’s caregiver to make sure your family member is getting the exact level of help he or she needs.

Keeping the Family Informed and Involved

Another benefit of using Capital City Nurses is that your family members can remain involved in your elderly loved one’s care process. You can be confident that you and the care provider will maintain clear communication with everyone and strive to not just live up to, but actually exceed your expectations for the sake of your senior family member.

When you’re 65, hopping on a plane and traveling to a wedding or to meet a new addition to the family is a fairly simple affair. As you age, however, traveling can become an arduous task unless you have help.

According to the Census Bureau, 28% of seniors over the age of 65 live alone, and that number rises every year. Living alone can often lead to feelings of isolation which has been linked to the development of both depression and dementia in seniors. It’s important to make sure aging loved ones don’t become stuck at home, and are given opportunities to socialize weekly.

At Capital City Nurses, we believe that nothing should slow seniors down. Our highly trained caregivers can visit seniors on a daily basis or several times a week. We provide a wide range of services for seniors. Our staff can help seniors bathe and dress, prepare nutritious meals, offer companionship and conversation, organize and maintain a medication schedule, go with their seniors to appointments, perform light housekeeping, and more.

But our services don’t stop at the homestead. If a senior has travel plans, like a wedding, college graduation, or christening, Capital City’s nurses can be there to help. Service providers can accompany seniors on trains, planes and automobiles. Our experienced staff will ensure that their charge is safe, healthy, and happy. We even had a client plan a trip to Israel with a service provider.

Whether you’re starting to feel lonely at home or worry about an aging loved one, having a caregiver stop by the house is more than just a medical visit. We provide support, medical care, socialization and a sense of security to all those in our charge. Let Capital City help you keep seniors social and safe as they age.

When you think of home care – what comes to mind? For most people, they think of in-home nursing care for aging seniors who have physical therapy, or skilled nursing needs. This type of care is actually home health and is covered by Medicare for most seniors. Although this care is common and necessary, it is not the entire industry. There are many situations that call for care in the home. Helping seniors with their activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, toileting, feeding and ambulating) and their instrumental activities of daily living (meal preparation, medication reminders, driving to appointments), bringing home a newborn is a reason for home care to allow new parents to get much needed rest, Post –Op care often requires the help of a skilled nurse to ensure a client’s safety and help with medical equipment such as drains or wound care. There are a variety of situations for which home care can be applicable.

Not Just Medical

When an individual is in need of home care, ambulating can become a challenge. Many seniors risk falling due to a shuffling gait or low vision or balance issues. While this may be a temporary situation, it is stressful on a senior that may scared of falling or feel that they are burdening their family. The caregivers who provide in-home care are able to assist with tasks around the house like cooking, light cleaning, errand running and more. By providing this helping hand during a time of need, clients can rest assured that they won’t miss a beat.

Your Focus

Home care truly allows clients to focus on what’s important. While this differs with each individual, the outcome is frequently the same. When care is no longer needed, clients are left with no regrets. Knowing they were able to fully focus on their newborn, their recuperation, or themselves, leaves them with an understanding of the benefits of home care.

For Seniors

Even though home care can apply to unique situations that aren’t considered traditional, it’s still an extremely popular option for aging seniors in need of attention at home. With various care options available it’s easy to personalize the level of care to meet your loved one’s unique needs. Why be uncertain about your loved one’s well-being when reliable and professional care services are available and more convenient than ever?

Capital City Nurses provides a range of personalized in-home care services for a variety of situations. Visit their website at https://www.capitalcitynurses.com to learn more about the options that may be right for you or your loved one.

Seniors are a vulnerable population. It’s common for seniors to feel lonely or isolated if they live at home. This makes them the favorite prey of scam artists who exploit these feelings to their benefit. Phone scams, email fraud and even door-to-door con men have made money off of seniors who were just trying to be kind. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than a quarter of all people who were victims of a scam last year were over the age of 60.

One group of seniors in California has taken action. Forming the Stop Senior Scams Acting Program, this group of aging Americans visit nursing homes, senior centers, churches and more, performing a series of skits meant to inform their audience about common scams. Musical numbers, pamphlets and interactive scenes help their audience experience common scam scenarios and instruct them on how to avoid them.

Until the Stop Senior Scams Acting Program organizes an East Coast tour, it’s up to seniors and their loved ones to stay vigilant against these scam artists. The Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offer customized lists of common scams in your area. Education is the most powerful tool against these scammers. Take time with your loved ones to talk about the scams, discuss a strategy for dealing with scammers and practice scenarios.

If you have been the victim of a scam, don’t be afraid to speak out. Seniors often don’t report crimes because they feel a sense of shame. By reporting the scam and working with the police you’ll be helping others avoid the same fate.

Want to help protect your aging loved ones? Consider a Daughter Down the Street service. Have someone stop in to visit the senior in your life when you can’t. These companions can chat with seniors, take them to run errands and out on excursions. These types of visits can help seniors by providing them with socialization and a person looking out for them on a daily or weekly basis.

Whether you’re receiving emails from a Nigerian prince who wants to move his money, or get a phone call about an account change that requires you to update your credit card information over the phone, scams are everywhere. Remember: if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. At Capital City Nurses, we know that seniors are a vital part of our communities and we believe that a little education can help them enjoy their years without fear.

While many people associate home care services with individuals who are in need of personal care or skilled nursing functions there are other options available for those that do not have those types of needs, but need a visitor, a friend or a companion. Isolation is a reality for many seniors. Depression and masking are symptoms associated with cognitive impairment. If someone feels depressed or embarrassed because they are unable to recall the right words or they can no longer do the things they used to, they may withdraw. Over time they may get listless and lose any motivation to be active and seek things to do that are fun and stimulating. The “Daughter Down the Street” or “Son Stopping By” programs offered by Capital City Nurses is a companion service for those that do not have personal care or clinical needs, but would benefit from socializing, getting out and spending time with someone that cares about them, but is not a family member. This service is receiving more and more attention for the benefits it brings to seniors looking for social stimulation. It can also be an introduction to home care in the event that the client’s needs progress.

What’s Offered?

Senior companion services cater more towards the emotional needs of seniors who cannot quite do things like they once did. Family members are busy with daily life and often are unable to visit as frequently as they once did. These companion services aim to fill that void and provide seniors with a companion that’s available for everything from a game of chess to running daily errands. By bringing these things back into the life of a senior, their emotional health can be greatly improved and the family can let go of feeling guilty when they are not able to visit.

The Emotional Benefits

The lack of conversation in life can leave them feeling alone and secluded even if they have people who love and care about them. Meaningful interaction on a regular basis is something to look forward to. Having a few hours planned and getting out with someone whose company you enjoy is good for the soul. Senior companion services not only provide stimulating conversation, but they’ll also allow seniors to enjoy familiar activities. Because companionship services are completely personalized to each individual, you can confident that your loved one will appreciate each visit.

Keeping their World Open

As a son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild – it’s important to do what you can to ensure the health and happiness of your aging loved one. While it’s impossible to always be there when you want to be, you can ensure that reliable companionship services are in place. These services are designed to “keep the world open” to seniors who may be feeling like the world is closing in on them. Mental health is just as important as physical health, so consider arranging a social visit by a “son” or “daughter” from Capital City Nurses.

Visit https://www.capitalcitynurses.com to learn more about the professional companion services offered by Capital City Nurses. With an experienced and caring staff available, you can rest assured that your loved one is in good hands with these professional care givers.

The newest generation of Americans is more plugged in than ever. They’ve never heard a dial-up signal, never experienced a world without the internet, and would wonder at a rotary phone. It’s easy for seniors to feel left behind as our rapidly evolving technology makes the world a smaller place.

Just because your 4-year-old grandkid is more versed in using an iPad doesn’t mean technology isn’t for you. In fact, modern gadgets and toys can actually help you as you age. Here are a few modern devices you might want to add to your home:

Tablets. The ultimate and easiest piece of tech to bring into your home is a tablet device. Tablets offer versatile content, from games that can hone your mind to web browsing. Seniors can learn how to use a tablet with a minimum of effort and reap major rewards. Use brain training aps and word games to test and expand your body of knowledge. Learn a new language online. Read your favorite book on a device that allows you to enlarge text. There are also several aps that can help seniors track their medications if their caregivers aren’t around.

Videogame. You don’t need to be a teenager to enjoy a good videogame. Playing videogames are a good way to sharpen your mind and your motor skills. Playing videogames improves hand-eye coordination. If you buy a motion sensitive system, like a Nintendo Wii or a Kinct for Xbox, videogames become a full-body activity that can help seniors improve their balance and muscle tone. The best part of videogaming, however, are the family benefits: You’ll be the coolest grandparent on the block!

Skype. Phone calls are wonderful, but sometimes it’s nice to see someone in person. Skype, a free video calling program turns your computer into a video phone. You’ll be able to chat face-to-face with your loved ones, which leads to a great feeling of connectivity. If you’re a senior who’s feeling isolated, Skype is also a great way for you to make new connections. Chicago-area seniors started a Skype program with a Brazilian high school. The teens practice their English while seniors get stimulating conversations and some experience with new technology.

Medical Devices. If you live alone, it’s always nice to have someone looking out for you. With wireless medical devices, your loved ones can rest assured that you’re safe at home. These devices go beyond the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” necklaces. Some alert systems monitor the house, sending an email to a loved one if you haven’t opened the medicine cabinet by a specific time, and some monitor the body, helping for fall detection. Scientists are currently developing a radar-like device that will monitor the house and not require the donning of a medical alert bracelet or necklace.

As technology makes our world more connected, it’s time for seniors to embrace the changes. At Capital City Nurses, we know technology can help seniors stay healthy, maintain independence, and stay social. With a little patience and persistence, you can learn how to use an iPad just as effectively as a teenager – and you might even be able to beat them at Words With Friends!