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Finding qualified, professional, compassionate and understanding in-home nursing care can be a difficult task for many families. Often, family members try to take care of a loved one on their own, but the stress, the challenges, and the steep learning curve in providing medical support for loved ones can become an issue for any family.

The answer to this problem is just a phone call away. At Capital City Nurses in Severna Park, we have the expertise and the staff to provide home care for short and long-term recovery needs as well as long-term senior care and in-home nursing.

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With qualified home health care services from Capital City Nurses, the family can be involved in the care of a loved one to their comfort level. Our staff is available to provide the support and medical expertise in caring for patients, managing medications, and providing in-home nursing services.

With senior care or home health care during recovery, we will work with the family to develop a comprehensive care plan to ensure your loved one is supported as necessary based on their unique needs.

Our Staff

Our home health care staff in Severna Park and the surrounding communities are all fully and currently licensed RNs and LPNs or fully certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides.

The staff assigned to work with your loved one will be based on the types of in-home nursing care required. We offer all in-home medical care and support as well as assistance with daily living tasks.

Our staff is available to provide companionship, transportation to and from appointments, assistance while shopping, meal preparation and even help around the house. With our services, you can rest assured that your loved one is well cared for with our comprehensive short and long-term care needs.

To learn more about our Severna Park home care, senior care and in-home nursing services, call us anytime. We are available 24/7 to discuss your needs at 1-866-807-7307.

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