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The Importance of Home Care for Seniors in Dewey Beach, DE

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When families in Dewey Beach, DE are faced with unease about leaving elderly parents in the home, there is always the concern about how to balance independence with safety. Capital City Nurses provides an alternative to assisted living facilities or nursing homes, providing in-home nursing services and senior care to meet the needs of each client.

In some cases, the family already provides support and home health care, and they may only need assistance for brief periods of time throughout the week. Other families, especially those dealing with elderly patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia, may need more advanced senior care and more comprehensive type of in-home nursing programs.

The Capital City Nursing Difference

We are a local service, with our staff providing services to the Dewey Beach, DE area from our offices in Georgetown, DE. We are familiar with the community, and our caregivers have worked to coordinate in-home nursing support with many of the doctors and hospitals in the area.

Our staff are amazing people who are compassionate and supportive professionals providing the level of care required by each client. Unlike some services, we start each client with a full care assessment to best tailor a comprehensive care plan to meet their needs.

Continual Evaluation

The home care, senior care, and in-home nursing care provided is regularly evaluated by our senior staff. Our licensed nurses provide information to the family and also act to provide advocacy for our clients and to work as a liaison between the various medical providers.

With status reports provided to the family on a regular basis, we can also assess the level of care and support needed. This allows maximum flexibility for our home health care services in the Dewey Beach, DE area, always ensuring the family and our clients are fully supported.

To learn more about Capital City Nurses, or to schedule a care assessment, call us anytime at 1-866-807-7307.

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